Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Muddy Waters

And the floods came with impunity and disregard for rank
They filled the marble halls with brackish waves
Washing away recriminations and illusions of grandeur
Till all that was left was flesh and bone
The king's clothes wet, the detritus of the bay clung to undergarmets, silk, and cotton alike
The contours of labyrinthical hallways made apathetic to your destination
Encasing you in its watery grasp for an indefinite ride
Caucusing tangled bodies into murky depths

Bodies...of water, of work, of knowledge, of Congress
were Congress a body! sinewy tendons of hackneyed statements,
elastic ligaments of moral direction,
firing synapses of rerun debates.

Every 8 years your body regenerates itself,
Flakes of skin are left, DNA abandoned everywhere you walk,
Cells expelled from all orifices and osmosis pushes the senior citizens off the plank
washed down the drain with the body wash bubbles.
Like the fresh summer interns and the grad school bound LAs,
the mid-career Directors and old-friend Chiefs - old, new, in, out, ebb, flow
Every two years the fire hydrant is uncapped and trained upon the body of Congress
a high-pressure stream:
cling for life or be expelled.

This is the body of Congress which shall be given up for you.
Kept clean, scrubbed, sparkling, coiffed, shiny, gleaming.
Yet messy inside.
You need an MD to navigate a human body.
You need a willing ear and a hearty sense of entitlement to navigate Congress.

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