Friday, December 4, 2009

The Men Behind the Dais

Black, grey, navy, striped, polyester, silk
Bald patches
lined up in a row
beaming in their
triumph over youth

Red tie, blue tie, never a whimsy tie
(to lie in the face of severity, ambition)
hanging limp and impotent
yet virile.

Glasses, round, oval, square, black-rimmed
or hovering precarious and unbound

the chairman leans back in his chair
bobbing like a buoy in the sea of uncertainty
The modeling is volatile;
The assumptions unprecedented
lobbing data carelessly into a pool of statistics
waves of shameless manipulation

Shiny pins on chests, jarring
of smart suits,
holding up the kings’ imaginary clothes.

Agricultural projections, strenuous objections
to the baseline of numbers
the balding heads in bobbing chairs want
alternative numbers

Strong, healthy noses; round, confident, successful noses.
A good nose is the key to success!
leaning back to suppose and ponder
with virile ties and overworked pins
striped suits and reflective glasses
Can they smell out the truth?
olfactory lie detectors sniffing at
data from their perch o’er the tie
Or is the air too thick with indecision
with uncertainty and compromise?

The suited puppets bob behind the dais
affecting curiosity and indignation
the knots of ties sharing a stage with pins and noses

Pins and Needles—can a man made of
glass and polyester and silk
lose feeling in a limb?
Shift in their bobbing chairs, refocus
their vision and start
over again?
they’d say
maybe just

by Jackie